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Septic Tank Bacteria Treatment

  • Hydra Septo Boost (Septic Tank Bacteria)

    • Powder based bacteria / enzyme, easy to use water soluble sachets
    • Balanced blend nutrients, enzymes, micro-organisms improve performance
    • Ensures properly functioning septic tanks, treat monthly via toilet
    • Shelf life 2 years, use 1 sachet per month

    Starting at: Excl.VAT £15.85 Incl.VAT £19.02

  • Bio Start (Sewage Waste Treatment)

    • Natural bacteria and micro-nutrients quickly colonize the sewage system
    • Increases biomass helps in efficient sewage treatment, controls bad odours
    • Clears up accumulated blockages and blinding screens
    • Shelf life 2 years, 1 Kg treats up to 5m³

    Starting at: Excl.VAT £21.91 Incl.VAT £26.29

  • Hydra Re-Gen (Regenerate Drain Field)

    • Clears drain fields, leach fields, soak aways making them free flowing
    • Regenerates fields, breaks down the pipe clogging heavy black bio slime mat
    • Saves the upheaval, cost of replacing the soakaway distribution pipework
    • Shelf life 3 years, 1 kilo treats small soakaway

    Starting at: Excl.VAT £26.91 Incl.VAT £32.29

  • Bio Sewage Buster (Sewer treatment)

    • Bacteria/enzymes continuously breakdown FOG's via biological reaction
    • Rapidly reduces BOD/COD levels, ensures compliance to discharge consent
    • Used in sewer treatment plants, pump stations and sewer pipework
    • Shelf life 2 years, 1 Kg treats see chart below

    Starting at: Excl.VAT £21.91 Incl.VAT £26.29

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