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Hydra Grease-Eater Enzyme Liquid

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A highly concentrated liquid blend of environment friendly enzymes and bacteria to give you clog free pipe lines and grease traps.Get rid of FOG's (fats, oils and grease) and maintain free flowing, odour free drains.
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1 x 1L Super Conc. Grease Eater Enzyme Liquid £14.95
SAVE £2.00

RRP Price: £14.95

SAVE: £2.00

1 x 5L Super Conc. Grease Eater Enzyme Liquid £74.75
SAVE £51.80

RRP Price: £74.75

SAVE: £51.80

6 x 1L Super Conc. Grease Eater Enzyme Liquid £89.70
SAVE £34.75

RRP Price: £89.70

SAVE: £34.75

2 x 5L Super Conc. Grease Eater Enzyme Liquid £149.50
SAVE £109.55

RRP Price: £149.50

SAVE: £109.55

4 x 5L Super Conc. Grease Eater Enzyme Liquid £299.00
SAVE £229.05

RRP Price: £299.00

SAVE: £229.05

20L Super Conc. Grease Eater Enzyme Liquid £299.00
SAVE £229.05

RRP Price: £299.00

SAVE: £229.05


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Features & Advantages

  • Fast acting biological liquid solution breaks down all Fats, oil and grease or FOG's.
  • Hydra Grease-Eater Liquid gives you freedom from backups from the sewage system, grease clogged drains, and overflows.
  • Reduce frequency of service calls to the empty the grease traps.
  • Fully automated pump (optional) ensures timely and correct dosage.
  • Constituents include environment friendly bacteria and enzymes.
  • No more disruptions or loss of business due to plumbing breakdowns or choked drains and pipes.
  • No offensive smell that drives away the patrons.
  • No more flooded areas because of back- ups and clogged drains.
  • Completely biodegradable, no residues left behind. Safer option than usual harsh chemicals.
  • Removes grease effectively, keeping the discharge within the limits.
  • Eliminates the breeding ground of insects and rodents.


How To Use

Hydra Grease-Eater Liquid is a perfect Grease Trap Cleaner suitable to use in domestic kitchens as well as commercial kitchens including hot food establishments.

For use with the Hydra Grease-Eater Dosing System, dilution rates below.

Grease Trap or Interceptor
Size grease Trap Daily Dose Amount Hydra Pump Setting
Up to 40 litres 100ml a day 1
50-100 Litres 150ml a day 2
100-200 Litres 200ml a day 3
200-300 Litres 250ml a day 4
300-500 Litres 300ml a day 5
Over 500 Litres 350ml a day 6
Over 1,000 Litres 400ml a day 7
Over 2,000 Litres 500ml a day 9

Drains (No Grease Trap Fitted)
Drainage Run Daily Dose Amount
Up to 15 Metres 150ml a day
15 - 50 Metres 170ml a day
50 - 75 Metres 200ml a day
Over 75 Metres 300ml a day

The best time to use Grease Eater Enzyme Liquid is an hour after the kitchen closes to avoid any boiling water, detergents or fats.


Hydra Grease-Eater is ideal for use in grease separators, grease drains, grease traps in restaurants and houses, drainage systems, sewage treatment plants, septic tanks and pumping stations.

Used by:

Hydra Grease-Eater is widely used in grease trap systems and drain lines across hotels, spa, hospitals, resorts, food plazas, food complexes, club houses, department stores, airports, bakeries, fast food establishments. Also used in commercial or domestic cesspits and septic tanks.

Full instructions on the label.



Hydra Grease-Eater is a powerful kitchen grease cleaner that cuts down grease, oils and fat deposits inside the grease traps and drain lines. The product is packed with the high concentration and double action of enzymes and bacteria. The Combination of select bacteria with enzymes ensures instant action on grease and fats. The bacteria adhere themselves to the food source (FOG) and keep on depleting the grease and fat layer until the deposits are exhausted. The enzyme action keeps the liquefied fats, grease and wastes from resolidifying, thus helping in maintaining free flowing odour free drains.

The product is non-toxic, non-corrosive and non-flammable with natural micro-organisms that do not harm the environment. Hydra Grease-Eater may be directly injected into the grease traps or drainage systems using Hydra Auto Dosing Timer Pump where it acts upon the FOG directly at their source, stopping the deposits from reforming.

Use Hydra Auto Dosing Timer Pump for correct dosage at regular intervals and grease trap maintenance.

Additional Information

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price No

Products Questions:

Posted by on Tuesday, 31 December 2013


We are a small hot food joint. As per the municipal regulations we have installed appropriately sized grease trap under the sink. The actual trouble is at keeping the grease interceptor clean and functioning. Is there a product that clears away the FOG before they accumulate?


  • Posted by Aj Edgar on Tuesday, 31 December 2013

    Hydra Grease-Eater Liquid is a perfect answer to your woes. This environment friendly product clears away the FOG deposits and prevents depositions.  Hydra Grease-Eater Liquid is a completely biological yet very effective and powerful product. The product includes natural microbes and enzymes, which do not harm the septic tank systems or pose any environmental hazard. Please refer to our website for product specifications and usage.

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Customer Reviews

I service a number of grease traps in schools, and commercial premises and find this liquid to be pretty effective. It has definitely reduced the amount of times we get called out to empty the traps and blockages are down to a minimum in the sewage pipes.
Review by Kevin Richards
Most Useful!!
We were told we had to install a method of trapping grease when we opened our cafe. I am pleased to say that the enzyme liquid that came with the grease trap has been most useful. We only have to use 5 liters a month which is far more economical than I first thought it would be. We do not have the water board breathing down our necks now either!
Review by Sligo
Liquid does exactly what it says!
Liquid does exactly what it says. We use the 20 litre drums with the dosing unit in our busy pub kitchen and are very pleased with the ease in which the system works.
Review by Kevin Pryor

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