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Grease Trap GT1-150 litres

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Hydra Grease Trap GT1 is an essential aid in effective grease removal from the kitchen. The GT1 has a capacity of 150 litres (35 gallon) and can be installed below or above the ground. Ideal for use in domestic or commercial kitchen.
Dimensions : 750mm x 570mm x 530mm

Availability: In stock

Excl.VAT £255.00 Incl.VAT £306.00
Excl.VAT £255.00 Incl.VAT £306.00

*Price Excludes VAT@20%


Features & Advantages

  • Includes two chambers for effective grease removal.
  • Traps FOG's, help you maintain free running wastewater disposal system
  • Helps you adhere to legislative regulations regarding foul water drainage
  • Can be installed below or above the ground as per your convenience
  • Made from robust HDPE material which resists corrosion
  • Suits the requirement of medium activity commercial kitchen.
  • Includes free 5 litres of Grease-Eater Enzyme liquid
  • Sufficient for 150 covers a day


How To Use

  • Click here for fitting instructions.
  • Ready to install units supplied.
  • Installation to be done only by a qualified plumber.
  • You may require pipe size reducers for inlet and 110 coupler for outlet.
  • To achieve maximum benefit out of your grease trap unit use Hydra Grease-Eater Liquid, which digests FOG's and prevent solid build ups to accumulate.

 Please use following reference guide to know about the daily dosage of grease eater liquid.


Grease-Eater Dosing Chart
Grease Trap Fitted
No Grease Trap Fitted
Size Grease Trap
Daily Dose Amount
Drainage Run
Daily Dose Amount
Up To 50 litres
150 ml a day
Up To 50 metres
150 ml a day
50-200 litres
170 ml a day
15 - 50 metres
170 ml a day
200-300 litres
200 ml a day
50 - 75 metres
200 ml a day
Over 300 litres
300 ml a day
Over 75 metres
300 ml a day
Over 1,000 litres
400 ml a day
Over 2,000 litres
500 ml a day
The best time to apply Grease Eater Enzyme Liquid is an hour after the kitchen close to avoid any boiling water, detergents or fats.


Add Grease Eater Liquid manually or automatically using Hydra Grease-Eater Dosing Pump.

According to the Building Regulations 2000 (H1 Foul water drainage - 2.21), amended 2002 all kitchen drainage system in a commercial hot food joint should include an effective grease removal process.



Grease interceptors are an essential part of kitchen drainage system to prevent grease, liquefied fat or oil from entering the main sewage or septic tank treatment system. FOG's allowed to escape into the wastewater disposal system can disturb the efficiency of treatment facility and ultimately harm the environment. For all kitchens involved in catering, small processing establishment or serving at least 30 meals in a day grease trap installation is important. Grease trap are equally useful in regular domestic kitchens.

Technical Information

Model: GT1 Grease Trap

Location: Above or below Ground Installation

Approx No. of covers: 150

Flow L/sec: 0.75

Weight: 24 kg

Pipe Size: 110mm

Dimensions : 750mm x 570mm x 530mm

Hydra Grease Trap Range-Prices* & Sizes**
Approx Covers**
Flow L/Sec**
L x W x H
ST1 18 litre / 4 gallon
Above Ground
weight 3 kilo
ST2/ST2a 55 litre / 12 gallon
Above Ground
weight 5 kilo
ST3 70 litre / 15 gallon
Above Ground
weight 7 kilo
GT1 150 litre / 35 gallon
Above or Below Ground
weight 24 kilo
GT2 300 litre / 70 gallon
Above or Below Ground
weight 20 kilo
GT3 450 litre / 100 gallon
Above or Below Ground
weight 30 kilo
* Prices excludes VAT
** Dimensions do not include external pipe work.All the pipe work are manufactured from black polyethylene have lids, internal baffles and connectors for standard pipe-work either 50mm or 100mm depending on model.

Additional Information

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price £265.00

Products Questions:

Posted by Nigel on Monday, 28 April 2014


I have plans to create a restaurant near Durham and have been advised to install a greasetrap to cater for approx 120 meals per day - would this GT1-150 be suitable. My building controller advises it has to be tested to EN1825, can you confirm this please. Looking further ahead I have the option to extend into a neighbouring property which could allow me to do functions for 300 - 400 people. Can you recommend a grease trap for this number also . Thank you Nigel


Posted by on Tuesday, 31 December 2013


How do I keep my grease trap working efficiently?


  • Posted by Aj Edgar on Tuesday, 31 December 2013

    Installing a grease trap is not enough to save your kitchen from wastewater backups in the sink or foul odour. It is important to clean out or pump out the grease traps periodically. A failed grease trap would allow FOGs to escape into the city sewer drains leading to high penalties. Do not treat your regular grease traps as food disposal units. Scrape off all unfinished food particles into the food recycling bins including gravies, sauces, or milkshakes. Use a bacteria (available as blocks or liquids) additive or enzyme cleaners to keep the grease interceptors free of all deposits.

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